Helpful Information - Contact this website for further information regarding our Social Decision Making - Problem Solving program. - Are you looking for assistance in dealing with your child more effectively? This site has information for both parents and teachers. - This website earned a 4 star rating and provides parents with information ranging from the basics of learning disabilities to in depth discussions of specific disorders. There is also a page for children, KidZone, where they can view art work by other kids with learning disabilities and also access audio information to learn more about learning disabilities. - This site deals specifically with attention deficit disorder and offers information in this area. This site earned a three star rating. - This site also deals with ADD and ADHD. Information regarding legislative updates and current research is available through this site. - The Council for Exceptional Children is an national organization dedicated to conducting research and advocating for the rights of children with disabilities. The web site provides in depth analysis of current campaigns and pending legislature. IT also provides links to other valuable sites. - This is the web site for the National Center for Learning Disabilities and offers practical advice and information for parents and students. - This is the website for the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disabilities. The purpose for this council is to promote a better understanding of developmental disabilities and to foster developmentally based assessment procedures. An extremely helpful site, it contains articles by Dr. Greenspan, Nanci Bell, Patricia Lindamood, and many others prominent in this field.

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