School Health Information

Tips From the Health Office

  • Keep your child home if he or she has a bad cough or cold. 
  • Children MUST be fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school. 
  • Children MUST be symptom-free (vomiting/diarrhea) for 24 hours before returning to school. 
  • It is essential that children with communicable diseases be kept home until the contagious period is over and their physician allows them to return to school. A note from the doctor is highly recommended. 
  • Please report all contagious disease (strep throat, pink eye, scarlet fever, chicken pox) or contagious conditions to the school nurse promptly. 
  • Children with Strep Throat MUST be on antibiotics for 24 hours before returning to school. 
  • If your child exhibits a skin rash of undetermined origin, please consult your physician before sending the child to school.

Health Screenings

During the school year each student will be seen by the school nurse for the following appraisals: height and weight, vision and hearing screening. Notices will be sent to parents by the nurse, should health problems be found. The school nurse will provide a scoliosis check on all children 10 years of age and older biannually.

Wellness Check-ups

If your son or daughter has a well-child physical exam, receives any immunizations or goes for a dental check-up, please download the appropriate form, have the doctor complete the form and return it to the health office. These forms are available for download on the Parent Portal under the Documents section.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Sometimes jobs and friends change. If so, please update your emergency contact information in Genesis Parent Portal.

Medication Policy

All medications (prescription and non-prescription) given during school hours must be administered by the school nurse or parent. All medications must be brought to school by an adult and are kept in the nurse's office. The medication must be in its original bottle and properly labeled for the child for whom it is intended. A prescription to administer the medication in school from the prescribing doctor and written permission from the parent is required before a medication can be given. The Medication Consent Form is available for download in the Parent Portal under the Documents section.


Your child may be permitted to self-administer an inhaler for asthma or take medication for a life-threatening illness under the following conditions:

  • The child's physician must certify, in writing, that the child has asthma or another life threatening illness and that the child is capable of and has been instructed in the proper administration of the required medication. 
  • The parent must understand that the school district shall not accept any responsibility for injury arising from the self-medication, and must sign consent on the appropriate Health Care Plan. 
  • Permission is effective for the school year for which it is granted and must be renewed annually.


In the event your child is going to be absent from school, please call Mrs. Keenan at Gould, 973-712-4151 or Ms. Danielle Rooney at Grandview, 973-712-4401. You can leave a voicemail message at any time, 24 hours a day.

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