District Staff Directory


 Name  Position Extension Email
 Chris Checchetto Gould School Principal 1002 [email protected]
Francesco Bifulco Grandview School Principal 1230 [email protected]

Pre-K - Grandview School
Name  Extension Email
Laura Grimaldi  1215 [email protected]
Sarah Veniero  1195 [email protected] 
Genine DellaValle  1205 [email protected] 

Kindergarten - Grandview School

Name  Extension Email
Meredith Toth  1236 [email protected] 
Marissa Milone 1223 [email protected] 
Courtney Boag  1242 [email protected] 
Gianna Cecere  1237 [email protected] 
Samantha Barbella  1221 [email protected]

First Grade - Grandview School

Name Extension Email
Alexandra Armstrong 1245 [email protected]
Cheryl Christiano 1196 [email protected]
Kristin Gromada  1224 [email protected] 
Jeff Pierro  1227 [email protected]
Alexandra Keenan   1057  [email protected]

Second Grade - Grandview School

Name Extension Email
Tara Newman  1125 [email protected] 
Meghan Keenan  1220 [email protected]
Molly Boag 1219 [email protected] 
Jenna Veneziano  1226 [email protected] 
Victoria Parisi  1188 [email protected] 

Third Grade - Grandview School

Name Extension Email
Loren Norton 1210 [email protected] 
Samantha Monks  1211 [email protected] 
Angela Castiglia  1212 [email protected] 
Cheryl Schechter  1214 [email protected] 
Christina Kallanxhi  1213 [email protected] 

Fourth Grade - Gould School

Name Position  Extension Email
Gabby Schaffert  Social Studies  1005 [email protected] 
Nicole Castiglia  Science  1007 [email protected] 
Sue Kappock   Reading 1009 [email protected] 
Christine Gray  Math 1011 [email protected] 
Courtney Mellinkoff  Language Arts 1013 [email protected] 

Fifth Grade - Gould School

Name  Position Extension Email
Michael Gesario  Social Studies  1015 [email protected] 
Antonina Cappello  Reading  1020 [email protected] 
Eileen Little Language Arts  1019 [email protected] 
Suzan Mullin  Science  1022 [email protected] 
Nicole Approvato  Math  1021 [email protected]

Sixth Grade - Gould School

Name  Position Extension Email
Melissa Schlachter  Social Studies  1048 [email protected] 
Sophia Worrall  Math  1031 [email protected] 
Monica Stomski  Language Arts  1030 [email protected] 
Toni Arena  Reading  1029 [email protected] 
Joan Ganton Science 1050 [email protected]

Special Education/Resource/ATP - Gould School

Name Extension Email
Stefanie Wozniak 1081 [email protected] 
Sydney Garvin 1081 [email protected] 
Lauren Eisinger  1017 [email protected] 
Marian Smith  1018 [email protected] 
Kari-Lynn Jones  1401 [email protected]

Special Education/ATP - Grandview School

Name Extension Email 
Charlene Thomas  1192 [email protected] 
Michelle Raimondi  1192 [email protected] 
Shannon Clutterbuck  1187 [email protected] 
Alexa Iandolo  1236 [email protected] 
Dawn Laurenzano  1197 [email protected] 
Mindy Frey  1207 [email protected] 
Janice Garthwaite  1226 [email protected] 
Arianna DeMartino 1188 [email protected] 
Kim Shay  1212 [email protected] 
Samantha LaMorte  1213 [email protected] 
Rebecca Jones  1237 [email protected]


Name Position Extension Email
Lisa Linden Gould Technology  1014 [email protected]
Christina Sponzilli  Grandview Art 1272 [email protected]
Guiseppina Graziano Gould/Grandview Art 1054/1272  [email protected]
Chris Sancetta Gould Physical Education/Health 1061  [email protected] 
Cathy Zimmerman  Gould Media Specialist 1049 [email protected]
James Brady  Gould/Grandview Instrumental/Vocal Music 1052 [email protected]
Kim Williams  Gould/Grandview Vocal Music 1052 [email protected]
June Troiano Grandview Technology 1238 [email protected]
Aggie Doolen Grandview Media Specialist 1208 [email protected]
James Whitney Grandview Physical Education/Health 1229 [email protected]
Johanna Valladares Gould/Grandview Spanish   [email protected]

Other Staff

Secretaries/Support Staff

Name  Position Extension Email
Debbie Wefferling  Gould School Secretary  1000 [email protected] 
Patricia Ryan  Grandview School Secretary  1200 [email protected] 
Victoria Zecchino  Secretary to the Superintendent  1204 [email protected] 
Randi Marlo  Secretary to the Business Administrator  1025 [email protected] 
Sharon Mottola  Bookkeeper  1024 [email protected] 


Name Position Extension Email
Patricia Keenan Gould Nurse 1006 [email protected]
Danielle Rooney Grandview Nurse 1206 [email protected]

Information Technology

Name Position Extension Email
  Robert Brenneck Computer/Network Technician 1402/1403
[email protected] 
David Blackowski Computer/Network Technician 1023/1028
[email protected]

Special Services

Name Position Extension Email
Dr. Linda Freda  Director of Special Services 1190 [email protected] 
Cheryl Manfra Special Services Secretary  1190 [email protected] 
Joyce Husk  Learning Consultant  1010 [email protected] 
Melissa Kornreich  School Psychologist  1193 [email protected] 
Laura Decker  School Psychologist 1075 [email protected] 
Tamara Silva  Social Worker  1392 [email protected] 
Sue Giantonio  Behaviorist  1067 [email protected] 
Erica Lista  Occupational Therapist  1035 [email protected] 
Lori Downs  Occupational Therapist 1246 [email protected] 
Gina Zaccaria  Physical Therapist  1247 [email protected]
Lynne Sibilia  Speech 1201 [email protected]
Dana Socci  Speech 1232 [email protected]
Lacy MacDonald Speech 1027 [email protected]

Buildings and Grounds/Maintenance

Name Position Extension Email
TBD Director of Buildings and Grounds 1060 TBD
Michael Casaburi Maintenance & Grounds   [email protected]

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